Vitalik Buterin Ethereum 12x16 Print
Vitalik Buterin - Acrylic Ink on 18x24-Inch Rives BFK

Painted in Acrylic Ink on 18×24 inch BFK Rives, Based Vitalik Shirt is an OG example of crypto-inspired artwork. Created in 2017, right after the ICO craze and before the DeFi boom, BasedVitalikShirt.com is an ode to the crypto god that is Vitalik Buterin. 

The original Vitalik Buterin Portrait sold to jwinterm, moderator of r/cryptocurrency and creator of Wownero. A few years later, it sold again as a RARI NFT. And in 2021, it’s continuing popularity has led to the creation of BasedVitalikShirt.com. A niche, one item, online store for crypto enthusiasts. Direct to Garment shirts printed on-demand.

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